First Look at the New AMBRO Print Bikini: Graffiti

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on April 22 2017

It's time to introduce the new peeps to the rest of the swimsuit family. Six new styles join the already diverse collection of bikini prints created by AMBRO today. I'm starting with the personal favorite for this group. It's classic black triangle top bikini painted in what I call street colors. It comes in every size including yours and can be customized in fit and detail. For example the hoop that you see is just one detail you can decorate with.   

Say what's up to "Graffiti". Believe it or not this print was inspired by a close friend who was an accomplished graffiti artist in the five boroughs. We've been friends for a looong time and had some good times exploring Manhattan together while we lived in Brooklyn. We still do just more "age appropriate" ones. That's what its all about and it's feels even better in your AMBRO. AMBRO SWIM

Next is coming soon! That would be "Palmela"...think PR....DR ish


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