Wanna Play A Game? AMBRO tries something different.

Matthew Ambrosio

Posted on March 10 2017

The task was to present my fashion at a local salon's grand opening here on Long Island. Runway has its place and most of the time I do not believe one of those places is a salon in a suburban salon. I think they can be tacky or cheesy. I only feel this way because I have experienced runway during fashion weeks in major cities as a makeup artist, as press and as a guest. So I know what real runway is unless I can recreate that atmosphere I prefer not to do it. So as an artist I though how could I present my work and it was then I decided to make my presentation more interactive and exhibitive. Models were made beautiful by owner Simran and her team and then the final color and style came from AMBRO. Now they just didn't have to walk around and look pretty. No, their job was to obtain more information about people who love AMBRO. Questions included favorite colors, name a black and white move and there even were some rounds of pictionary to guess the AMBRO print and storytelling. Every print has a story! So I learned a little about the guests who joined to celebrate Simran and they learned a little about me.


On a side saw a black cat twice on a night I experimented with something totally new. Isn't that how it always flows? I invited him into check out my fashions. #takerisks #havefundoingit #makeupbyme

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